Monday, August 29, 2005

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Adapted from what The Captain said, on a dhow sliding through the Indian Ocean, at the beginning of July

If you need to get rid of a curse -
for example if people are jealous of your good fortune or see you are friends with lots of white people or think the white people are giving you lots of money...

then you need one black cow eye, lemons, a verse of the Koran and a piece of tree root. you need a mganga (witch doctor) a real one, not a faker who will run off with all your money.

you must walk inland - the tree is a dry tree and is only found inland - you walk until you cannot see anyone, noone at all. then you take off all your clothes and walk for a hundred metres. dig a little under the tree and take a piece of the root. then walk back (you are still naked) without blinking or flinching or showing surprise if you see a person, to where you left your clothes. get dressed. when you get home mix everything together and put to one side, in a safe but easily accessible place.

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