Sunday, February 28, 2010

keeping the faith

The walls and billboards of Freetown are pasted with posters of Nigerian salvation, promising hellfire, brimstone and popcorn. At the stadium last weekend there was a revival - the Fire for Fire Crusade, full of women wearing yellow Battle Axe Ministry t-shirts and African print skirts. There was ice-cream, popcorn, drinks and dancing. A music festival for Jesus, everyone bopping around happily. A woman with a huge headwrap was singing on stage like a blues star. Just forget about your troubles; Lift your voice and wash your heart; Sing the song from your heart; You are the Only One.

Battle Axe Ministry International
Jericho Hour Celebration - Storming the Kingdom of Darkness!
Theme - Walking in the Power of The Holy Ghost.
Prophetic Breakthrough Seminar
Every Jericho Wall Will Crash land
6pm Daily
1 to 7 March, 2010

Flaming Bible Ministries
Exchange your tears for Joy,
Weeping for Laughter

Living Word of Faith Outreach Ministries International
Women Fire Convention 2010
No More Crumbs,
Matthew 15:27
with Rev. Veralina Sam Jolly