Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Banana Island. Sunday. 

where do you want to be in five years? 
my imaginary guidance counselor says to me
and I think

what happens when the shiniest thing in the ocean is a bottle cap?
what happens when you see an eel's tail flailing from beneath a rock - 
only to find it is the ribbed arm of a sandy sea-drowned jumper. 

the fish do not fight the waves
but they have tiny translucent fins
like delicate geisha fans
using the tug and pull to their advantage

and I think

does that parrot fish
have a five year plan?

Jesus said the birds in the trees and the fish in the sea 
don't worry about paying rent or what's trending on yahoo

but he is wrong. 

birds make nests and I need a place to sleep tonight. 

and in five years? 
I will still need a place to sleep. 

and fish? 

well maybe fish
with their effortless to-ing and fro-ing
with their tiny translucent fins
with their round mouths hoovering the rocks they might call home

maybe fish do just live 
by the grace of God. 

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